Rollver Desk Toy

Rollver Desk Toy

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Rollver is the new high-quality fidget desk toy that stands back up when tipped over! Rollver's simple design provides you with endless entertainment. Rollver requires skill and practice to master the tricks, unlike normal desktop toys which become boring in just a few hours.

Rollver is made from high-quality beech wood that provides durability and a satisfying feel. Play with Rollver for fun or sharpen your skills and style to become a master!

TRIANGLE: Flip Rollver at three points to draw a triangle.


Rollver rolling in a square formation

SQUARE: Flip Rollver at four points to draw a square.


Advanced Rollver trick

AIR TRAPEZE: Use one finger to flip Rollver from left to right. Catch and hold it on your hand after you flip Rollver. Turn it 360 degrees and make it stand up straight.